Amanora Privacy Filters In Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore.

  • Visual area is only 30 Degree
  • It prevents shoulder surfing
  • It Prevents 70 – 80 % UV Rays
  • It Prevents Redness and Swelling of Eyes
  • 0% Strain on Eyes
  • Anti Scratch – To protect the Desktop Screen
  • Forever Lasting Anti Glare Feature
  • Person operating can see the screen Clearly, Onlookers will see it blank.

Anti Blue Light Filter

Privacy Filter & Anti Blue Light Filter for Schools, Institutions & Exam Centers.

Magnetic Privacy Filter

Magnetic Privacy Filter available specially for apple products (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro Touch Bar)

We provide Magnetic Privacy Filter specially designed for Apple MacBooks.
It prevents Shoulder Surfing
With the viewing area of 30 Degree, it provides you privacy even in public places
While you can see your screen clearly others will see it blank.
It protects your eyes from 70% – 80% UV Rays emerging from laptop or desktop screens
It provides you your priceless privacy very affordably
Easy Installation Steps

Installation Steps for Magnetic Privacy Filter

Privacy Filter

Benefits of Privacy Filter for Schools, Institutes & Exam Centres.

  • Helps in Space Management, as no need to make the students sit at distance space to avoid copying and cheating.
  • Prevents Copying and Cheating because the student sitting next to each other will only be able to see their screens, Others screen will be seen as black
  • Reduces Number of Exam Invigilators.
  • Maintains Authenticity of Exams.
  • Helps in Conducting Fair Exams.
  • Enhance Institute’s Credibility.
  • Also protects the eyes from the UV Rays and Blue Rays emerging from desktop.

Installation Steps for Privacy Filter

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For Privacy Filter _ BLC

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